4K TVs: What’s all the Buzz About?

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The next big thing in home entertainment has arrived. 4K TVs are the industries next big thing, and they’re stirring up quite a buzz in the consumer electronics market. Those who are satisfied with their 1080p flat screens may not be for long when they see some the advantages of these new TVs that possess 4 times the resolution of the 1080p models. But are these hyper-resolution TVs all they’re cracked up to be?

Salesmen and manufacturers of 4K TVs are raving about their benefits, cell phone spy remote install and there are definitely advantages to having a TV with such high resolution. One of the most practical advantages of a 4K TV is the ability of the viewer to sit closer to the TV without sacrificing picture quality. The one thing with that is that most people will not notice a visible difference at a regular viewing distance, and there are other factors of 4K TVs to consider as well.

What to Consider with 4K Resolution TVs

Go 4K When Sitting Closer

If someone likes to get as close to the action as possible and sit as close as they can to the screen, 4K resolution TVs are going to revolutionize the way they watch television. 4K models have resolution at 3840 x 2160 megapixels. That means that the resolution of these screens is almost 4 times better than the 1080p resolution TVs. Up close, older televisions would lose their resolution because there are less pixels, and the lack of pixels per square inch is more noticeable when viewed up close.

The thing to consider with this advantage of 4K TVs is that most people just aren’t going to be sitting close enough to tell a difference. Sitting closer does have its advantages. Close up, the television takes up more of one’s field of view, effectively making it like a big screen TV. Sitting up close with a 4K TV is going to allow the viewer to see more detail than ever before. But how many rooms will have to be completely rearranged to account for a closer viewing distance? And better yet, how many of us want to pay for a new TV just so we can rearrange our living rooms to take advantage of the better resolution.

Need to Be 2 Feet from the Screen?

How close would one actually need to be to notice a difference in the quality of these TVs? Consumer Reports did a side-by-side comparison recently, and found that when 4K TVs (with 4K content) were compared with Blu-ray on 1080p TV sets, the difference was only noticed when viewing the 4K TVs 2 feet away from the screen. Obviously no one wants to be that close to the TV (2 feet is shorter than a fully outstretched arm).

4K Content

Another factor to consider is the amount of 4K-quality content that’s currently available. A selling point of 4K televisions is that they improve the quality of Blu-ray and other DVDs that aren’t yet optimized for 4K-quality viewing. But the fact is that it might be a while before there is a large library and volume of 4K Content available for viewing. The good news is that major streaming sources, such as Netflix and Amazon, are offering 4K content through their sites. The best bet for now is the upscaling technology in most 4K TVs that allows them to improve the quality of the content that’s already out there.

When looking for an amazing TV, if one is willing to spend the money the best bet is to go ahead and go for the 4K. Eventually the content will catch up and the increased detail will be worth it. For now, if someone is sitting on a 1080p, don’t feel the need to upgrade right away. The majority of HD and Blu-ray content on a 1080p set, when viewed from a normal distance, is comparable to a 4K TV.